Looking for a Google Reader alternative

13 Apr 2013

Like most people using Google Reader I was shocked to hear they were closing shop. This is a first for me, I have never gone through a painful service breakup.

Usaually it's I who choose to leave a service because I've found something new and exciting. But this time it was I who was dumped. Well, no point in lingering. I set out to find a new place to get my RSS aggregation needs fulfilled.

To my surprise finding an alternative to Google Reader was not such a walk in the park as I imagined. Turns out Google actually did a heck of a job with Reader. I never really thought much about it. It just did what I expected it to do and I didn't really need that many features. It was convenient, and future proof I thought, that it was a Google service.

That is because of the company's [Google] now-established track record of killing off products that prove to have niche rather than sufficiently mass appeal.
— James Fallows

I must say that this whole business has in a way hurt my trust in Google. I think James Fallows of The Atlantic said it best in his post on the topic. I find myself thinking twice before starting using a new Google application, like Keep, or leaning towards non-Google alternatives when possible.

There are lots of good articles and blog posts out there covering this topic. Below are a few I found usefull in my search for a Reader replacement.

I initially went with Feedly. I was lured in by its sleek looks and availability for both Android and iPhone platform. I used it for about three weeks before I got tired of the user interface. It's just too much and did not feel like Reader at all.

I'm now using The Old Reader and it looks promising. The user interface looks just like Reader and it has a great import tool that got me up and running in just a few seconds.